Carlo Coletta, Strategy & Innovation Advisor

Carlo Coletta, Strategy & Innovation Advisor

12 Jun 2023

Cincotti & Company is pleased to announce that, starting from April 1, 2023, it will benefit from the professional collaboration of Carlo Coletta for strategic development and innovation.

Carlo is a well-known professional in the insurance market, both in Italy and abroad, who began his career in the insurance and reinsurance industry back in 1989 with the Winterthur Group. He entered the reinsurance world in 1992, taking on various roles, including Global Head of Legal and Claims at the Italian national reinsurer, Uniorias. In 1997, he began his long collaboration with the Swiss Re Group, assuming different positions and responsibilities, such as Country President and Market Head for Italy, as well as significant regional roles for the reinsurance leader in EMEA. Over the years, Carlo has also held numerous positions and market roles in Italy, including the presidency of the Atomic Pool, collaboration with Italian institutions on catastrophic and systemic risks, and participation in activities of industry organizations.

Since 2019, he has been working as a Reinsurance Advisor, providing strategic and industrial consulting services in the insurance sector, both in Italy and internationally.

Carlo Coletta's contribution to the development of Cincotti & Company, with his extensive experience and broad technical and strategic industry knowledge, represents an important milestone in the growth of our company. We are ready to seize the great opportunities created by a rapidly evolving market and economic context in Italy and Europe.

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