Loss Adjusting

Loss Adjusting

Our structure is organized in order to fulfil two different macro-needs of the current insurance market: the management of high-volume claims, such as water damages, homeowner’s loss, theft, fire, liability, even TPA and complex claims, such as fire, theft, technological risk, engineering, pollution, business interruption, liability and product liability.

The technical structure of our company is composed of two divisions: one dedicated to the managing of big flows of high volume, low value claims and the other to the handling of large and complex claims. Both areas cooperate for better efficacy of the interventions and better efficiency of the services.

High volume, low value claims

Our high volume, low value claims division has more than 100 adjusters properly coordinated and able to grant prompt and direct assistance throughout the country. Each of our offices can handle independently entire flows of assignments granting high quality standards.

All the adjusters operating in the high volume, low value claims division work on an exclusive basis for Cincotti & Company, and are based in their own areas to grant proximity to clients and are clearly identifiable thanks to our policy of absolute transparency.

The business model adopted has been developed over time through direct experiences that allowed us to create standard procedures used nowadays by every adjuster of our company. Our own software, properly developed, allow us to apply our procedures granting a unique product “assessment”.

Complex claims

Our complex claims division can count on expert with long-established knowledge and experience in the managing of major and complex claims but each one with a specific technical specialization (civil, electronic, mechanical, chemical, marine engineering, construction site and accounting etc).

Our team of experts devoted to complex claims can intervene promptly throughout the country managing, with the necessary professionalism, direct damages of each line of business and liability (general, product, employer) and business interruption losses.

For highly complex claims requiring the interventions of different professionals we create specific teams leaded by Cincotti & Company senior experts who manage the claims and coordinate the work of the rest of the team thanks to their long-established experience and targeting the delivery of the required service.



Supervising office

Considering the huge amount of claims handled, a careful and continuous supervising of our staff activity is essential: for this reason a dedicated office has been created in order to monitor the work of each operator of the assessment (coordinators and collaborators) and then report directly to the executive office.

This way every sector is programmatically monitored through accurate quality assessment of the reports to meet the needs of the insurance companies. We can therefore regularly monitor the whole iter being aware of our experts’ skills and encouraging their continued education through training courses to ensure they gain the knowledge and qualifications required to constantly deliver high level standard services.